[Sing Tao Daily’s Article dated June 28, 2019] An old Chinese woman was sexually assaulted and brutally injured; a fund-raising campaign has been launched in the community to help her and her family


[The picture shows that at the press conference, all parties actively raised funds for the victim and Hazel Lee, President of SF-Shanghai Association demonstrated the ways of donation.]

[The picture shows the defendant appeared in court earlier and denied all charges.]

Last month, a 74-year-old Chinese woman was sexually assaulted in the Outer Mission District, which shocked San Francisco. The community is particularly concerned about the victim.  Supervisor Ahsha Safai, Ingleside Police Station Captain Jack Hart,Hazel Lee, Founder and President of SF-Shanghai Association, Visitation Valley Community Leader Marlene Tran, Ingleside Police Officer Johnny Vong, Legislative Aide Ivy Lee  of President, Board of Supervisor Norman Yee  and Legislative Aide Alan Wong of  Supervisor Gordon Mar attended the press conference yesterday for raising money for the victim, the old woman,  and calling on the people to help the victim through difficult times. .

On the morning of May 10, the victim, an old Chinese-American woman, was walking in Prague Street near McLaren Park when she was suddenly dragged into a house by a Spanish-speaking man. She was bitten by a bulldog in the house, injuring her ankle and left arm and feet. The man locked the old woman in the room, pushed her down on the bed and raped her for five hours. Finally, he only put a coat on the victim and dragged her back to the street. The passersby called the police when they saw the victim. Police subsequently arrested Honduran suspect Manuel Amador, who denied all charges in court.

The cervical vertebra of the victim was seriously injured and the whole body was scarred.


After the victim was sexually assaulted, her cervical vertebra was seriously injured. The 74-year-old woman endured 9 hours of cervical vertebra surgery afterwards. There were many tooth marks of the dog on many parts of her body and bruises all over her body.

Hazel Lee, Founder and President of SF-Shanghai Association said, The suspect threw her up and down and raped her. When she refused to enter the house, he let the dog bite her, bruising her legs and feet and then dragged her in and raped her for five hours. (Although the old woman is conscious at present), her psychological injury is very serious.

Hazel Lee said that the two daughters of the old woman have to stop working, because they need to take turns to care for the injured mother, who is still living in a sanatorium, which is undoubtedly a great pressure on the family.

Hazel Lee李痛心的讲述:上次看到她的女儿要用尿盆为母亲接尿,还要将她移来移去,痛心不已。而且,她家是有楼梯的,她不能走路,上下楼很不方便需要人搀扶。李曾探望受害者,将到感受时哽咽,见到受害人后感到惊讶。

 narrated in sorrow:  "The last time I saw her daughter taking urine for her mother with the urine basin, moving her around. It was very heartbreaking. Moreover, there are stairs in her house. She can't walk .It is very inconvenient for her to go upstairs and downstairs.  She needs someone to help her”.   Hazel Lee was choked and surprised when she talked about what she saw on her visit to the victim.


Helping the victim and her family

Supervisor Ahsha Safai said, "We hope to dispel the doubts, sensitivities and fears in the hearts of the people, especially the people in the Chinese community so that they do not think they have been reduced to fish and butchered by others. In addition, the City Counselor also hopes that the victim and her family will be helped, including family caregivers, medical supplies, etc. and they will sit down with the victim’s family to discuss these.

The Ingleside Police Station Captain Jack is deeply distressed by what happened to the old woman, would like to remind the elderly not to travel alone, and to suggest that they travel with the family or friends.


Ingleside Police Station Captain Jack Hart encourages the public to call 911 in time when encountering infringement

People wishing to donate money may send check to SF-Shanghai Association, payable to SF-Shanghai Association, noting that it is for sexual assaulted elderly victim.

邮寄地址:2515 San Bruno ave, SF ,CA 94134. 李承诺会把收到的善款交给受害者家属

Mail address: 2515, San Bruno Ave, San Francisco, CA 94134. Hazel Lee promises to hand over the money received to the family of the victim.


Telephone enquiry: 415-8063180